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Do you want to have more energy, lose some weight, sleep better, stress less and feel happier?

If so then this course is for you. We focus on balancing your lifestyle to improve your health and wellness. We take a look at the key areas of nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep and much more. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. 

The course includes

Weekly online live workouts

4 week meal plan with recipes

Daily lifestyle tips and tasks

Weekly Q&A to keep you on track

Online support group

The course is aimed at peri and post menopausal women, we have unique needs at this life phase, however all the family will benefit from the course (no extra charge). Doing it together makes it easier to change your mindset and habits. Diets don't work long term, this is a lifestyle shift. No more diets EVER!!!

The group sessions are held 3 times per year and places are limited, please contact me to reserve your place on the next course.


The cost is only £69 per person

(The reset can be done on a 1-2-1 basis and can be started anytime, this costs £195)

Some of the comments from previous resets include

I've lost 22lb

I'm sleeping so much better

I have lots more energy

I've taken back control

It gave me the push to sort out my fitness

I've learnt so much about food and exercise

My husband also lost weight and feels better

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Here's what our customers say

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