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Midlife Balance

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Do you feel tired, anxious, bloated or angry, do you have problems concentrating or sleeping? Do you have no energy or enthusiasm? Are you struggling at work and feeling out of control? Are you feeling hot, but not in a good way. Has your libido vanished? Do you look in the mirror and just not recognise the person looking back at you?

Could you be peri or post menopausal?

This next phase of your life could be amazing, I know it's hard to imagine this wonderful future when you're suffering. Perimenopause absolutely floored me, I became someone I didn't recognise or like very much (read my story below).

I now manage my symptoms successfully and can assure you life is good on the other side. I want you to join me and thrive not just survive the menopause. 

So what is peri or post menopause?  Peri menopause can start 10 or 15 years before your menopause (12 months since your last period). The average age of menopause is 51 which means you could be experiencing symptoms from your late 30's. Once you transition into post menopause, symptoms for some will ease, however many women continue to have problems into their 60's and beyond. Our lifestyle, what we eat and drink and how we move, relax and sleep have a huge impact on our hormonal health.

I can help you take back control by improving your movement, nutrition, stress levels and sleep.  I can educate you about the alternative and medicinal therapies available including HRT. 

Understanding why you feel the way you do and what treatments are available enables YOU to make decisions about the best treatment for YOU.

Introduction to menopause & midlife talk 

This group sessions explains what peri and post menopause is, what the symptoms are and what treatments are available. We also discuss other women's health issues that occur at midlife. This session is available face to face in Upminster or via zoom.

Regular small group sessions costs £15 per person. 

Midlife Balance Online Group

We have a lovely group of ladies in our online support group, it's a safe place to ask advice or share issues. This group and is free, message me to be added. 

Midlife Balance in the workplace

70% of women in peri or post menopause say their menopause symptoms have negatively impacted their work life, 10% of women left the workforce due to menopause last year and 25% seriously considered leaving.

These women are normally highly experienced members of the team and very difficult to replace. So why do they leave?

Menopause in the workplace isn't talked about very much, many women hide their symptoms as they don't want to show weakness or fear being judged. Previously confident capable women begin to doubt themselves, brain fog makes them forgetful, hot flushes are embarrassing, anxiety is overwhelming. All of these symptoms are temporary and manageable with the right interventions, hiding symptoms makes them worse. Small changes in the workplace can have a big impact on menopausal symptoms. I can provide education and support to both employees and employers to make this transition much easier. Midlife women are powerful, I am personally the most focused and hardworking I've ever been. It's great on the other side.

Midlife Balance 1-2-1 or small group 

This course is specifically designed around your unique needs, finding solutions by combining mindset, stress management, nutrition, movement, relaxation and sleep.

You will learn why your hormones are out of sync, why you are gaining weight around your tummy, have low energy, hot flushes, insomnia, painful heavy periods, low mood, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, brain fog or other symptoms from the 34 listed below.

You'll leave with a toolbox of techniques and information to help you manage your symptoms. 

Each week we will cover a new topic and you will be given an action plan for that week. Small changes that you can make, one at a time. We can work together to set goals and design how you want to live your life going forward. Making you believe in yourself again and plan for the next phase of your life with joy rather than dread.

The course includes 6 x 1 hour in person or online consultations and 6 weeks support together with recorded workouts and information videos to refer back to. As movement is an important part of managing the menopause our consultations can be either as part of a workout (in my studio or a walk) or

if you prefer to sit and chat that's works too.

Some of the topics we will cover are:-



Weight gain



Hot flushes and night sweats

Bone Health - osteoporosis

Brain Health

Stiff joints and muscles

Metabolic syndrome – weight gain around middle

Insulin resistance and type II diabetes

Heart health

Gut health

Pelvic & Bowel health

How to speak to your doctor about HRT and non hormonal medication 

Herbal therapies


Sexual function/health

Menopausal athlete – female triad

Breast health

Mindfulness and alternative therapies

Understanding what matters to you most and how to achieve it

The importance of community and social interaction

Xenoestrogens and environmental toxins


Your investment is £350 and can be paid in 2 instalments

Small group price is £195 per person (minimum 2 people)

Single coaching sessions are £65 per hour and include a follow up call

Contact me direct for corporate packages.


My Menopause Story

I'm Karen Payne and I have been in the Fitness Industry for 30 years, firstly as a logistic manager for Reebok Fitness Equipment and after having my 2 children I retrained as a running coach and personal trainer. In 2019 I also became a Women’s Health Coach specialising in peri to post menopause.

I have always believed passionately in the power of exercise, nutrition and self-care. Like most women I understood very little  about the menopause and thought it just meant the end of my periods.  When I began to experience peri-menopausal symptoms at 47 I didn’t understand that was what they were. I made numerous trips to my GP. I had anxiety for the first time and was offered antidepressants, I was having heart palpitation, I suffered panic attacks, weight gain (even though I was eating less and exercising more), stiff muscles, painful joints, brain fog and forgetfulness, night sweats, interrupted sleep, loss of libido, breast cysts, crying for no reason, being angry for no reason, no energy and feelings of “what is the point to life”. My GP didn’t mention the menopause once. She would only offer antidepressants.

When I was at my lowest I decided I needed to find out what was happening to me. I stumbled on a blog about the menopause and eureka that was me.  Unfortunately our GP’s have very little training or knowledge of the menopause, even if they do we get 7 minutes to discuss a massive topic.  I found the internet was full of outdated or conflicting information which made for confusing reading.  I decided to study an evidence based menopause certification and it has changed my life. Our bodies are amazing, they tell us what is wrong, we just need to learn how to listen.

Let me help you make changes to your lifestyle and mind set and change your life too. 

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34 Symptoms of peri and post menopause

Take a look at this list of 34 menopause symptoms, you can experience a few of these symptoms or all of them. All of these symptoms are treatable. 

Hot Flushes cause you to overheat in an instant! You may begin to sweat, become red in the face and feel really uncomfortable.

Night sweats are essentially hot flushes that occur at night. You might find yourself waking up drenched in sweat.

Irregular periods have to do with you reaching the end of your reproductive years. Overtime, your menstrual cycle will slow and ultimately completely stop.

Mood swings occur because of your bouncing hormones! Moods can have a huge impact on your day to day. They may be just as bad or even worse than those you experienced in the lead up to having periods.

Vaginal Dryness is common because of your estrogen levels dropping. This hormone is responsible for natural lubrication down there. It's important to get help with dryness as it can have a huge impact on your sex life.

Low Libido because your sex drive is largely controlled by estrogen and testosterone. Both of these fall as you progress through menopause which can lead to a real loss of interest in sex.

Headaches due to your unpredictable hormone levels. Headaches are not a common symptom, however. You're probably more likely to get them if you used to get headaches before your periods.

Breast Soreness is common following changes in your hormone levels. Similarly to your breasts feeling sore before or during your period or when you are pregnant, it can also happen during menopause.

Burning mouth is felt due to a lack of saliva. Your mouth, tongue and inner cheeks may begin to feel uncomfortably hot.

Joint pain and feelings of aches and pains in your joints. More than you've had before. Joint pain can have a huge impact on your quality of life, and is more common than often thought.

Digestive problems are often felt following drastic changes in your body, such as menopause. Your stomach may begin to feel upset or uncomfortable.

Electric shock sensations through out your body. These are common following the drastic hormonal changes during menopause and can happen at any time. They are, however, often felt right before a hot flush.

Muscle tension and a feeling of tightness in your body. This could be due to changes in your hormone levels or added stress you may feel during menopause.

Gum problems accompanied by a metallic taste in your mouth.

Tingling extremities will usually occur in your hands, feet, arms or legs.

Itchy skin is commonly experienced following a decrease in estrogen. This causes your skin to become dry, rough and itchy.

Fatigue and extreme tiredness is often felt during menopause. This may due to disturbed sleep, added stress or the impact of other symptoms.

Unexplained anxiety and feelings of unease. This is due to your bouncing hormone levels and their effects on your emotions. Many women say they feel nervous, but can not explain why.

Disrupted sleep is commonly driven by other symptoms, such as night sweats and anxiety.

Hair loss and thinning of your hair. This is often accelerated during menopause.

Memory lapses and temporary feelings of confusion.

Difficulty concentrating, also known as brain fog. A feeling like you have cotton wool in your brain. Many women experience this during their menopause and it can easily be confused for something more serious like dementia.

Weight gain or bloating can be caused by changes in your hormone levels. Fat is also more likely to start building around your mid-section, as lower estrogen levels changes the way we store far in our bodies.

Dizzy spells and difficulty balancing.

Bloating is a good hint that your menopause is coming. This is often one of the first symptoms experienced.

Stress incontinence due to this unfamiliar transition and the uncomfortable changes happening within your body.

Brittle nails which may appear drier and lighter.

Allergies may become more prevalent during menopause. Your hormones are closely linked with your immune system.

Irregular heartbeat, such as heart palpitations, due to changes in your hormone levels.

Body odour and the amount you sweat may increase during menopause. We know its strange, but changes in your hormone levels may alter you natural scent.

Irritability and overall changes in your emotions are driven by bouncing hormones.

Depression and low mood. You may feel unmotivated and uncharacteristically sad.

Panic disorder and feelings of anxiety or unease.

Osteoporosis risk increases during menopause. You may have trouble balancing or feel more fragile than before.

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